Hair problems? Or are they scalp problems?

Hair problems? Or are they scalp problems?

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We all know it… You’ve just washed your hair with that nice shampoo and the next day it’s already drama. Greasy hair on top and the ends dry and fluffy. This time of year, it can even be static. Terrible! You wash it about four times a week. Each time you switch your shampoo… dry hair, oily hair, anti-dandruff and so on. At one point you don’t know what to do anymore and the only thing that helps is washing it almost every day.

But… did you actually know that most ‘hair-problems’ come from the scalp? No right, well a lot of people don’t know that. That’s why with this blog I’m trying to give you a little more insight WITH some options in terms of products you can use! Keune Haircosmetics has a very beautiful product line called Derma. Derma means skin. There are four different Derma lines, each for a different problem.

Derma Activate

This line stimulates hair growth.

Derma Sensitive

The name already says it, this line is good for sensitive scalp. Think of a burning and itchy feeling after washing.

Derma Exfoliate

This line is intended for cleaning the scalp. It has a gentle effect but does clean very intensively.

Derma Regulate

This is intended to regulate the sebum production.

Now it might still be a bit unclear, but I will describe some scenarios and also name the matching products. For example, the situation as described at the beginning. Your hair will get greasy again a lot. You have to wash it four times a week to keep that fresh clean feeling. Washing it less is almost not possible, because it gets greasy faster and faster. Because you wash your hair so much, you are removing the protective layer (sebum) from your scalp. You do need a little sebum to protect your scalp, so your sebaceous glands work harder and harder and produce more and more sebum. My advice is to start with the Derma Exfoliate Shampoo. This shampoo will make sure your scalp will be nice and clean again. This is done in a soft way, so that the sebaceous glands aren't triggered even more to work harder. Try to reduce washing your hair to three times a week. Keep in mind that your skin has to get used to this for a while. After about two months you switch to the Derma Regulate Shampoo. You can continue to use this shampoo in the future because it ensures that the sebum production remains 'normal'. Your hair will become much less greasy and you will be able to limit the washing to twice a week. This will also keep your lengths and ends smooth and healthy!

Something else that happens a lot is the following: You just became a proud mother. When you were pregnant, you had fantastic hair. Beautifully shiny, it's never been so beautiful before. But then... it falls out. It doesn't seem to stop and after a few weeks you've never been so sad. It is so very little and not what it used to be. This is a very natural development, because of all the hormones in your body. But certainly not cool! This is why the Derma Activate line was invented! This line ensures that the hair follicle (from which the hair grows) is stimulated to grow. The line has an intensive lotion that can be used as a cure. In combination with the other products this can certainly be a solution to get your beautiful full head of hair back after a while!

There are of course many more scenarios possible and there are suitable products for that as well! Do you literally have your hands in your hair, let me know and maybe I can help you find the right products for your hair- or scalp issues!

See you soon!




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